– and you will discover the pleasure of wines produced in an environmentally friendly manner. Wines that we produce according to the principles of our ancestors: A maximum of vineyard work without modern tools such as herbicides and a minimum of intervention in the cellar. Vegan? Certainly, because we do not use animal components such as gelatin. This way, authentic wines are created from sustainable agriculture and minimal intervention in the cellar reflecting their origin.

Since 2000 years wine experience it´s „heyday“ at the Moselle. Since 200 years wine ist also a part of our family. That means seven generations, who lived with and on wine …

Full sight


The most important vine of the estate. Riesling matures slowly, developing an fruity acidity as its characterizing element, as well as having high demands to its sites. Therefore we cultivate Riesling exclusivley in top vineyards such as Honigberg, Sonnenuhr and Paulinsberg. Resulting in wines that combine minerals and aromas with a low alcohol level.

Blauer Spätburgunder

A very old vine – better known as Pinot Noir – florishes best at places where you can also find excellent Riesling as in our top vineyards. In addition to full-bodied and velvety red wines with aromas of red fruits to blackcurrant, we produce strong barrique wines with wonderfull scents of vanilla and cinammon. For the summertime: Rosé and Blanc de Noir!


a.k.a Pinot Gris, prefers rocky and gravelly subsoils being ideal for the steep slopes of the Moselle Valley. Mostly dry in nature, enjoy wines with a mild acidity coupled with playful tastes of peach and apricot, with harmonous structures and great flow to an elegant finish.